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 FEI World Cup™ Jumping – North American League

 3. Event Conditions

 “3.5 The OC must provide obstacle materials in perfect condition, clean and in sufficient quantity   to foresee replacement during the Event. The obstacles must be varied in design and shapes, in order to provide the course designer with sufficient flexibility to design the courses. The obstacles must be properly painted if the material is not rustic, poles cannot weigh more than 15 kilos and must have a diameter of 9.5 cm minimum and 10 cm maximum and must in general be either 3.5 m or 4 m in length, cups can have a depth of 18 mm minimum and 30 mm maximum, approved safety cups must also be used, planks cannot weigh more than 15 kilos. A maximum of 30% of these obstacles may be sponsored obstacles. No product placement shall be authorised on the course during the FEI World Cup™ Competition, such as a car in the middle of the arena.”

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Larrysjumprails.com Hunter Jumper Rails / Poles Made To The Fei Show Jumping Rules And Regulations

LarrysJumpRails.com hunter jumper rails / poles made to the FEI show jumping rules and regulations

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 Updated 23 March 2010

    Article 7 - THE MATERIAL 

 “1. Poles: Diameter approximately 10cm  Length: 3.50m – 4.00m (outdoor)  3.00m – 3.50m   (indoor) 
 Planks: 3.50-4.00m x 20 cm x 4 cm (outdoor)  3.00-3.50m x 20cm x 4 cm (indoor) 
 Shape of poles: round or flat edge 
 Weight: round poles: approximately 10-15 kilos  planks: approximately 10-12 kilos.” 

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